Harry Marah Virtual Assistant on Bench

About Me

Hi, I’m Harry Marah – and I’m the virtual assistant who helps coaches. But why coaches?

Simple, I love coaching! I really value the transformative powers of it and want to help coaches reach as many people as they can. My passion is your success.

I started my VA business after many years of helping my mum with the tech side of hers. She is such a talented coach, but she was wearing too many hats; coach, web developer, marketer, blogger, to name a few. She knew these jobs were necessary to build her business, but they were taking away from her true passions – helping people transform and creating massive change in the world. That’s where I come into the picture.

It started out with me making a few changes on her website, and setting up auto responders, and before you know it, she sends me hours of work to do each week! I gave her the time and the freedom to step into being the coach she is now – and I want to do the same for you.

There are so many aspects to running a coaching business: updating your site, then maintaining it, marketing, advertising, writing copy, blogging, designing, updating social media – and then finally, once everything else is right, coaching.

Now I want you to imagine a coach that doesn’t have to do ANY of that, except for the actual coaching. Put yourself in their shoes, feel how relaxed they are, notice how much time they have. Now imagine that coach is you – and know that that feeling, and that freedom, is available to you right now.

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